Friday, January 27, 2017

Skincare Regimine

I love thrift stores and clearance racks, but skincare is one place I think its acceptable to splurge.  
My skincare regimine is constantly changing, as I'm always trying different products or adding new ones to my routine.
My day always begins with my skin, but the process really starts the evening before.  I start with a cleanser.  I have a few different ones I rotate in and out, but the one I mostly use is the ItWorks! cleanser.  It's great at removing makeup!  This cleanser is plant based, so no harsh chemicals, making it very gentle on my sensitive skin.
Next, I apply a tiny drop of eyelash oil (my own concoction) to my finger and dab gently across my upper eyelashes.  Then I smooth on the ItWorks! stretch mark cream to my entire face, neck, and cleavage.  I've only been doing this for about one month now, but I have really noticed my skin is more plump and smooth.  Shortly I'll be adding in the ItWorks! eye & lip cream to my routine, but for now I apply a thin layer of Aquaphor around my eyes all the way up to the brow, and around my mouth.  This is where me skin tends to get dry.
Last but not least, I apply Ponds anti-wrinkle cream to my face, and Honesty Beauty magic balm to my lips.
*Right before bed I take my ItWorks! hair skin and nails*

In the a.m., I splash my face with warm water and cleanse.  Next, if I'm about to run errands or go out, I use the Honest beauty daily beauty fluid.  It's a great prep for my makeup, and it even has spf 30!
If I'm working from home I like to use the Mario Badescu super collagen mask.  I use it about 2-3 times a week, along with a facial mask once a week.  I actually have one on as I'm writing this post ;)

Happy Friday guys! Have a great weekend! :)

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Victoria's Secret black robe (sweet gift from the hubby)
ItWorks! cleanser
ItWorks! stretch mark cream
ItWorks! hair skin and nails
Ponds anti-wrinkle cream
Mario Badescu enzyme cleanser
Mario Basescu super collagen mask
Honest Beauty daily beauty fluid
Honest Beauty magic balm
facial mask from Sephora
another facial mask from Sephora
Miss Spa facial mask also at Sephora
just go to Sephora ok

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

I just love not paying full price.  
There's something SO satisfying about getting something for 75% off.. and that's exactly what happened with these amazinggg Tony Bianco heels!  Actually, this whole outfit is put together with clearance steals!  
These velvet pixie pants were $9.00 at Old Navy; and they fit like a dream!  The velvet material makes them feel more luxurious and expensive.  This Merona blazer is an oldie I stumbled across at Target years ago.  
I love black on black because it's classy and sophisticated, a statement and bold all at once.  Not to mention super convenient when the majority of your wardrobe is black lol.  

What are you guys getting into this weekend?
I actually can't WAIT for the weekend!  Saturday I have a tattoo appointment and I could not be more antsy!  

I'm sure I'll snap it, so if you'd like to follow along follow me on snapchat: MallyOry

Anne Klein gold bangle
Fossil rose gold watch


Friday, January 13, 2017

White Out

Happy Friday guys!
As I lay in bed drinking coffee and writing this post, I can't help to stare at my newly 'remodeled' bedroom.  Over the weekend I finally got around to painting the bedroom..  then at 8:30pm me and B had the impulse to pull up the carpet and stain the hardwood floors that were underneath.  The new walls and floors have me inspired to get a few more house projects scratched off my list!  I'm all about diy projects, I love having handmade and personalized things in my home. (and I'm cheap lets get real)  
Maybe I'll share my next diy with you guys!

Since we had a snow day, not your average day for this Mississippi girl, I had to drag my husband out to take some pics! And about froze my tush off in the meanwhile lol.  

I had a few clients this day so I slipped on these comfy sneakers, they're great for when I have to stand most of the day and cute enough to wear with jeans.  7 for all Mankind is one of my favorite brands, and these boyfriend jeans are a staple in my closet.  To make it a little more feminine I added this fluffy beanie and girly Gianni Bini peplum-type coat. (Couldn't find my exact coat, but this cashmere coat is dreamy and on SALE)  Going for a more neautral palette, I grabbed this trusty light grey sweater (I've had this GAP sweater for years!)

Have a great weekend!  
Thanks for stopping by :)


Friday, January 6, 2017

Hair Flip

Happy weekend y'all :)
So, today I wanted to share a real simple hair trick with you guys!  It's a go to for me, and great for when its been a few days since your last shampoo or you simply need freshening up.
Dry shampoo is a daily must for me and gives my fine hair a little oomph.  I love the volume and the messy texture it adds to my ponytail.
Once you've sprayed your roots with dry shampoo and have worked it in, you'll need to grab your favorite body spray/perfume (you can never go wrong with Burberry) and a hairbrush.   Hold your spray about 12 inches from your hairbrush and give it a few good spritz's.  Now just comb through your hair and wa la!  It's that simple!
I'm literally alllllways late, so I love this quick and easy trick to keep me on time...well a little less late...

What's your favorite hair trick??
Let me know in the comments :)

Oversized comfy sweater in XL *Dirt Cheap find*

 Have a great weekend!!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy & Merry & Bright

Hi there everyone!
I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!
Wow, it feels nice to be home.  We had an amazing 10 days home with our family and it was so nice having the opportunity to relax and spend quality time with everyone.  Monday was our first day back in Texas and it was a full work day for me, not to mention we still haven't finished unpacking our Christmas presents and luggage yet, meanwhile, all I want to do is go back in time to the night we went to the Nutcracker.
Although I have to admit, B fell asleep in the second half and I couldn't keep up with the storyline.  We ended up leaving a bit early to take pictures of the fit. ;)

Did you guys do anything fun for New Years?  Me and B stayed in, cooked dinner with friends, and played card games.
Today we nap. :)

Happy New Years and happy Sunday! 

love, FIRE  black pleated jumpsuit (check out this cute shiny one)
Banana Republic tweed moto jacket
Rebecca Minkoff black studded heels (these are similar, and cheaper!)
Mossimo crossbody (Dirt Cheap find!)


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