Friday, July 21, 2017


In honor of the husbands Costa Rica vlog (coming soon!!!)  heres my Costa Rica outfit roundup!

For those of you unaware, me and Bernard went to Costa Rica with his fam to see his sister get married!  It was a beautiful country, a beautiful wedding, and a beautiful way to spent time with our family. ❤︎
We literally partied all week. The in laws legit now how to get down. 
Congrats Brookie!! Welcome to the married life πŸ–€πŸ–€ 

Below are a few of my outfits from the week, otherwise we were in swimsuits!

'Shinestar' off the shoulder blush blouse; a random brand from TJMAXX, I'll link a few other really cute ones below!
Vanity Room cold shoulder cami- love the silk!
Ruffled cold shoulder top *and its on  S A L E !

'State of Being' asymmetrical skirt- got this for $6!! #BargainShopper
I also love this asymmetrical skirt by ASOS and this J Brand skirt!

Steve Madden clear heels- my heels for the week and for the wedding.  They were taller than I was used to, so I was determined to break them in for the wedding. 

Wicker clutch.  I stole this from my little sister last time I was home.  Can you believe this cute lil clutch came from the Bahamas like 10 years ago!?

Target bikini top and bottoms.  I love the mesh details!


Loft fringe sweater- I always travel with a sweater!

J Crew white shorts (These are on repeat!)

Lucky Brand sunnies (get used to seeing these because they're my only pair.  I always have to get cheap sunglasses because Im notorious for breaking mine!)


Blue Island bathing suit cover up.  Couldn't find my exact one, but this one is similar!! Im very into detail, and I love the peplum bottom and the material.  You could even wear it with a slip and a pair of heels to dress it up!


Black halter neck- I have no idea what brand this is or where I got it!  Oops!
This one is cute!

Tommy Hilfiger textured skirt-  Consignment shop find! 

Vintage crochet chain purse

Steve Madden clear heels

What are your travel plans this summer!?  Give us ideas for next year!!
Happy Friyay and have a great weekend!


Sunday, July 16, 2017



Ahh Sunday... my favorite day of the week.
Church, a pizza date with my man, and a sunset motorcycle ride- can life be better?  Silly or not, being on the motorcycle is one of my favorite times to talk\listen to the Lord.  

Sunday is a sweet reminder to slow down, be at peace in His presence; life is nothing without it.  No matter what happens in life, God is with us and for our good and loves us.  God just truly takes care of me and Bernard, and He has always prepared the way- way ahead of us or our own plan.  I just love Him, the husband and family He's given me, and Sundays.  

Now we are off to watch our Netflix show, and eat our leftover pizza for the 3rd meal in a row!  

Below, I've linked outfit details πŸ’—

Outfit Details:
Vince Camuto dress-  this was a great addition to my closet.  Wear it with heels and grab a glittery clutch, or fancy-ish flats and belt it and you have two different looks!  The pink belt is a nice hint of color and semi matched my purple purse.  Y'all I'm still on my monochromatic kick.  

Tahari oxfords.  These have been on repeat lately!

*the bracelet under it is actually a choker I doubled up.  

Can't think for the life of me where I got the belt.  But this cute Emily Pucci belt is totally on my wishlist. I love the feathers!

Chain purse.  Dirt cheap find- amen.  *If I do any color, its usually with a bag. 

Pink Lucky Brand Sunglasses.  

The dolphin bangle was a souvenir from the Bahamas a few years ago.  Still just as obsessed with it.  Have to keep him with my mermaid. 

Vintage Lisner chain bracelet.  

Keep an eye out for the hubbys Costa Rica vlog!  Thanks for reading! 


Monday, July 10, 2017

Work It.

Happy Monday folks! 
Today I wanted to share a little at-home workout me and the husband cooked up!  Since summer time is B's busiest season and he works late almost everyday, working out isn't really a priority anymore.  But, before our Costa Rica trip we PROMISED we would work out every day even if it meant doing a quick 20 minute workout at the house.  Spoiler alert we failed big time and only managed to get a few workouts in before the vacay. 😁 

 This workout was a LOT harder than I expected and by the end of it we were dripping sweat and ready for a nap!
Super simple, super hard and all you need is a jump rope!
Although I will say, this should be a high intensity work out and you should give it 110%.  
After all its only 10 minutes. 😈

10 minutes:
πŸ“Œ10 Jumping Lunges
πŸ“ŒJumping Air Squats
πŸ“ŒJumping Jacks
πŸ“Œ30 second Handstand hold 
*if you are unable to do a free standing handstand hold, lean against a wall or a fence.  If you can kinda do it I say play around with the hand stand holds and practice for about 30 seconds.
πŸ“Œ100 meter sprint 
*eyeball it!

10 minutes of jump rope (double unders if you can) 30 seconds on 30 seconds off
Yup, you'll be dead and done after this.  Lungs on fire!!  Side note notice those huge mosquito bitesπŸ˜‘  The biggest con to outdoor workouts!

Outfit Details:
Nike Pro compression shorts
Old Navy sports bra (mine has been customized 😜)
Nike tennies
Lucky Brand sunnies

Thanks for reading!  Comment below how it goes if you do this workout!! 😘


Saturday, June 24, 2017


What's up everyone!
So, spoiler alert, this post has nothing to do with ketchup! lol  
But the idea was to get you to interested so if you're still reading, it worked ;)
But, we are going to play 'catch up'!

I've been traveling more than I'm used to, but I love that it gives me the opportunity to see family and friends often.  I spent time with a few long time best friends (one I haven't seen in 2 years) Made my heart happy. πŸ’“

Outfit Details:
JACHS plaid shirt (fun fact: I always have to travel with one of my husbands shirts. ❤️)
Old Navy peplum hem tank top
 Strappy dress from Express- a hand me down from a super sweet friend who always remembers me when she cleans out her closet :) here's a dupe!
Joe Fresh pocket tee my awesome sis in law gave me! 
Steve Madden gold glitter heels (if you're a loyal reader, you know these are my go-to's for a fancy occasion.)

I also got to ride in the helicopter at my moms work (she's a flight nurse/badass) and it was the coolest thing ever.  
My mom, sister and I got matching tattoos that following day.. (aren't they cute?!)  We had been planning on getting the tattoos for a while- and I'm so happy we finally did it!

Saturday night we had a fun lingerie shower for the bride to be, and Sunday we spent the morning celebrating my sis in laws wedding with tea at Windsor Court.  Needless to say it was a busy, fun filled weekend!


Now the day is almost here, THE WEDDING!  We leave for Costa Rica Tuesday and I can hardly wait!  Bernard is more excited about vlogging more than anything πŸ™ˆ
Thanks for stopping by!


Saturday, May 27, 2017


Beings I'm your average 23 year old girly girl who is a clothes/shoes lover (aka hoarder), and not like some crazy celeb who hates to wear the same thing twice..
 I am a rewearer.  
I like to take a piece that maybe I wore the day before just for a few hours, and mix it up and give it a 'fresh' look.. so you can get away with wearing the same thing 2 days in a row πŸ˜‹

For instance, I wore this cute striped peplum (Old Navy) with these lace up jeans, and went with the simple black loafers.  These loafers are definitely a go-to of mine!  I want a few more flats but I'm very picky.  I love  

*sidenote: I say pile on the jewelry.  Sometimes you just have to.  Especially when you have a fresh mani. 

*outfit details below

The following day I paired the same top with my faaaaavorite pixie pants. You know the ones.  I love mixing prints!  It's slightly monochromatic, slightly weird. 
But, I have to be honest about the shoes.  
These loafers are kinda being borrowed kinda stolen since I've had them for about 3+ years now.... lol at least they're my besties!
I should probably give them back though. 
I tried to wear this cute vintage scarf around my neck and be like a cute little french girl, but, it totally wasn't working so I just tied it on my bag!  I felt like I needed a pop of color somewhere.

Again, pile on your favorite jewelry girl.

Outfit Details:

Old Navy striped peplum long sleeve tee-  Sale rack duh!  Here's a dupe. Oh and here.
Express lace up jeans.  I'm IN LOVE with these.  God blessed me with them 1/2 off and then I went to checkout and they were an extra $15 off! #blest
  these jeans have a special place in my heart/closet.
Dollhouse tassel flats.  These beauties by one of my favorite brands (Burberry) and this pair of platforms by Stella McCartney are on my ultimate wishlist.
Candie's glitter loafers with studs
This pair by Kate Spade are on sale and adorable!
THESE Louboutins literally took my breath away when I first saw them.  Adding these to the list.
Vintage scarf

If you made it this far, thank you so much for reading ❤️


Thursday, May 18, 2017


Hey there strangers!
I feel like it's been a while since I've had the chance to write a blogpost for you guys.  
To be honest, I'm pretty terrible at staying organized and on top of my shi* πŸ™Š  
Especially when I'm out of town working like crazy, I'm so busy running around like a chicken with it's head chopped off. πŸ˜… 
And, another truth bomb, I have been extremely uninspired lately.  I hate most outfits I put together, and I hardly feel like getting dolled up and fixing my hair.  We all go through 'frumpy' phases, and I can't wait to get out of mine.. I think this calls for a shopping spree! *wink *wink

Here is a short recap of a few of my favorite outfits from the past couple weeks!  I will link outfit details below! 😘

Outfit Details:
MASON lace up skirt (On Sale rn!!)
Ole faithful, Kelsi Dagger platform sandals 
Skull clutch from JustFab

Outfit Details:
Cremieux draped blouse 
J.Crew cotton shorts (new favorites!!!)
Aldo loafers
Pretty sure I stole this bag from my little sis. 

Outfit Details:
Old Navy Jumper- SUPER old!  I love this jumpsuit too!
Dollhouse tassel flats ( I DIE for this pair 😻)
Vintage elephant print scarf- thrifting find!

I am almost positive I snagged this skirt from Goodwill, and there are no tags to be found.  But don't worry I got you!  Check out this, and this super cute peplum skirt!!

The husband is whipping up Vlog #5- so stay tuned!!
Thanks for stopping by!


Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Happy Wednesday everyone!!  

Today's blogpost is going to be something I've never done here before..  

Along with my outfit details from our date last night, i'm going to share 2 reasons I love Bernard- in honor of our 2nd anniversary! ❤️

Obviously, I love him for more than just 2 reasons, but I figured you didn't come here to read a novel. πŸ˜‰

1● I love that he loves God.  This is, and always will be, my favorite reason.  Although not perfect, (who is?)  he strives to grow in his relationship with Jesus, and in our marriage.  Watching him lead worship and praising Him at church, it truly just makes my heart sing!  

2● I love that he is super handy!  He can build/fix anything!  A great quality that is taught in the Ory fam.  He surprises me every time he builds something.. If you've seen my closet (and salon) you'd understand!  I love that he makes my crazy dreams come true! 😍 

I can't believe it's been 2 years..  B's mom took this picture of us the day before our wedding in the midst of decorating and getting everything ready for the big day.. I can't wait to see what else the Lord has in store for us in this life.  Life with B is truly #HappilyEverOry.  Of course with your occasional fight here and there!πŸ˜‚ 

Blessed to wake up to this face for the rest of my life ❤️

Outfit Details:

Old Navy short sleeve cable knit sweater (mines an oldie)

White House Black Market skirt- a great consignment shop find!  But I love this cute asymmetrical skirt, and if wanna splurge, this gooooorgeous one by Narciso Rodriguez.  It is on sale tho...

Steve Madden glitter heels (aka my wedding heels!  I HAD to wear them, of course!) 

Skull Clutch- *knockoff from JustFab* owning the real Alexander McQueen clutch is a dream; but in the meantime, lets drool over this beauty 😍

Vintage jewelry is a love of mine! 

Thanks for stopping by!❤️


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